Thank you for selecting me to represent you in Nanaimo once again. This is the fifth time you have done so, and I appreciate the level of support you have given me during my previous terms as your MLA. I look forward to your continued support during this term. I shall do my best to serve your interests in this part of British Columbia.

Although we live in a beautiful part of Canada and in a very wealthy Nation and Province, there are still many aspects of our society that need attention. I shall continue to address many of these during my tenure in the Legislature.

Please visit this website often and do not hesitate to send me an e-mail if you want to comment or ask a question about anything you see here. If there is any matter involving the Provincial Government which concerns you and in which I may be able to assist, please do contact me. You may make an appointment with my assistants in my office by calling 250-714-0630. In many cases my assistants will be able to help you or point you to an agency which may be able to do so.

Should you wish to meet with me personally, you can make an appointment at the same number. I reply to all correspondence.

Leonard Krog

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